MiniFinder Atto Pro launches this spring!

MiniFinder Atto Pro launches this spring!

Don’t miss that our new Atto Pro GPS tracker for animals will be launched this spring. The waterproof GPS tracker is perfect for both small and large animals.

What is MiniFinder Atto Pro?

MiniFinder Atto Pro is an innovative GPS tracker specially designed for animals such as dogs, cats and horses. The GPS tracker consists of several smart functions that are developed to increase the animals' safety and is based on several unique features that improve its energy consumption. The well-developed technology ensures efficient positioning, regardless of where the animal is located.

More smart features

MiniFinder Atto Pro GPS tracker offers several smart features such as accurate real-time positioning, listening to the animal, low GPS signal warning and appreciated geofence function. The GPS tracker is also 100% waterproof (IP67 certified) and can withstand external stresses from weather and wind. MiniFinder Atto Pro is an effective safety solution that saves pet owners a lot of worries.

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