MiniFinder supports the Swedish Animal Welfare Organisation!

MiniFinder supports the Swedish Animal Welfare Organisation!

MiniFinder contributes to a safer world for animals. Our GPS tracker increases the safety and security for cats, dogs, horses and other animals.

Animal Welfare Sweden is one of Sweden's largest animal welfare organizations. We at MiniFinder care about animal safety and have started a collaboration with Djurskyddet Sverige. Together we create a safer world for the animals.

MiniFinder's GPS tracker for animals ensures efficient tracking of dogs, cats, horses and other animals. With the MiniFinder GO alarm and tracking system, you can track the animal's position in digital devices. Additionally, more smart features are offered such as geofence, speed alarm, listen to the animal and history. If an accident occurs and your four-legged friend disappears, the animal can quickly return home with efficient tracking. Knowing that you can easily keep your furry family member safe, no matter where your animal is, save a lot of worries for you as a pet owner.

As a member of Djurskyddet Sverige, you get a 10% discount on the entire MiniFinder's range of products when you enter the discount code "Djurskydd". In addition, MiniFinder gives 10% of the total amount of every order to Djurskyddet Sverige to support their great effort and work.

Read more about MiniFinder's GPS tracker for animals and Animal Welfare Sweden.

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