Tele2 IoT highlights MiniFinder's success and development

Tele2 IoT highlights MiniFinder's success and development

In a recent article written by Tele2, MiniFinder's journey and evolution up to today are brought to attention. MiniFinder is grateful to be featured in this article and would like to highlight the overarching points presented by Tele2.

The article emphasizes how MiniFinder's products stood out from competing brands early on with our advanced hardware and software. Unlike other similar companies, few had both developed hardware and software, so to maintain high-quality large-scale usage, MiniFinder began developing both.

"We weren't seeking a new industry to conquer - instead, customers came to us seeking solutions for their specific needs. We realized that other markets were ready for our solution" - Dean Maros, CEO.

Customers have been involved in driving MiniFinder's development to meet their needs and make work more efficient across various industries. Sustainability is important to MiniFinder and is taken into account during the development of new products. It is also crucial for MiniFinder to always maintain high-quality service and create great customer experiences. MiniFinder operates in four areas today: 

  • Security
  • Fleet management
  • Pets
  • E-health.

MiniFinder has been collaborating with Tele2 almost since the beginning, which has always been a pleasure. Tele2 IoT provides MiniFinder with connection and the SIM management system 2CONTROL. Now as the 2G and 3G networks are being phased out, MiniFinder is looking at emerging technology like LTE-M, the IoT technology, to continue evolving.

In the future, MiniFinder aims to continue evolving and would like to focus on smart cities. This involves gathering smart information about a city into one system and moving smart city solutions from silos to ecosystems. What does the future hold for MiniFinder? 

"We want to enhance what we already have and make our offerings, features, and products even better. We continue to scale up and build the brand" - Dean Maros.

Read Tele2’s full article here!

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