Track your hunting dog with Atto Pro

Track your hunting dog with Atto Pro

With GPS tracker Atto Pro, hunters can monitor their hunting dogs in a simple and flexible way, and keep them safe during the entire hunting session.

When hunting dogs are tracking their prey, they can move extremely fast over large areas. With a GPS tracker from MiniFinder, you can monitor the dog's speed and position in real-time, which facilitates the interaction between hunter and dog and creates good conditions for a successful hunt.

Thanks to the features such as real-time positioning, location history and barking indication, you can easily monitor your dog and keep it safe during the entire hunting session. Atto Pro's well-developed technology ensures efficient positioning of your dog, even in areas with weak mobile coverage.

MiniFinder Atto Pro is a light and flexible GPS tracker in a mini format that is suitable for both smaller and larger hunting dogs. The waterproof GPS tracker is created for a tough outdoor environment and can withstand external force from such as bad weather conditions.

The system gives you the opportunity to take part in the hunting dog's movements afterwards. The information can be used to analyze the dog's movement patterns and further refine your hunting methods. Connect multiple hunters to the MiniFinder GO tracking system to track the dogs' movements together and synchronize the hunt as needed.

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